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Let's Get Marry Weddings and  1st Choice Seaside Weddings  both observes the following procedures:

  • All payments must be made at least seven (7) days before the ceremony or within 72 hours of reservation whichever occurs first.  Any other time frame must be approved.  Failure to make the payment will result in cancellation.
  • Dates will not be blocked on the calendar until a non-refundable 50% deposit is received by cash, cashier check, debit or credit card or money order.
  • If you send 50% deposit then want a refund, you will forfeit such deposit.
  • All weddings must start on time as scheduled.  If your wedding don't start on the schedule time then all payment is forfeit due to late starting time...
  • If you send total payment then want a refund, you will only receive in return 50% back due to a booking of that time and date booked.
  • Payment options include Money Gram and money orders.  We no longer accept any kind of payment by Paypal.
  • We can receive your payment by over the cell phone and we do accept all major credit cards or debit cards.
  • Upon our arrival at the ceremony, please have your wedding license ready including the return envelope to the county clerk's office.
  • Our attire for your ceremony will be business professional suits or evening attire for evening formal ceremonies, or tropical attire for seaside ceremonies. We may wear prayer shawls and clergy attire for religious ceremonies, but we do not wear robes for non member ceremonies.
  • Please send us an email with your details concerning your information of your desired wedding ceremony to BishopSJordan@gmail.com  or You can call 1-254-349-5635.

  • Our mailing Address: Make your money orders to -

    Bishop Sylvester Jordan, jr.
    PO Box 34239
    San Antonio, TX 

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